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An Angel Set Me Free: And Other Incredible True Stories of the Afterlife

An Angel Set Me Free: And Other Incredible True Stories of the Afterlife (New Book - Order Now)

Inspiring and powerful true stories of communication with beings from the Afterlife from one of the country's most successful and sought after psychics. Includes amazing accounts of guardian angel interventions, mysterious rescues, miraculous recoveries, unexplained powers of psychic children and animals.

In her new book, outstanding psychic Dorothy Chitty presents an incredible collection of real-life stories taken from both her own life and from others who have experienced the power of the Afterlife. Find out the truth behind what happens when our guardian angels appear to us in various guises when we need them most - and often when we least expect it.

Stories include:

  • Guardian angels we know - like the woman's family who cheated death on the Zeebrugge ferry when she heard her mother's warning from beyond the grave
  • Not our time to go - when unknown forces save us, like the rock climber who was saved when he was lifted up by invisible hands when he fell thirty feet
  • Healing miracles - when asking the angels for help can save us, like the young woman with a brain tumour who asked the spirits for and her next scan showed it had gone, leaving just a cross where it had been
  • Guidance from the other side - signs that point you on your life path, like the man who's life changed when he was told to go to Canada and he discovered his ideal career
  • Psychic children - how children are more open to seeing spirits and guardian angels, like the little girl who saw how she had died in a previous life, and now passed on messages from her dead brother
  • Psychic animals - the bond between animals and their owners that continues after death, like the man whose dead dog carried on leaving his newspaper on the front porch

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Book - Are You Psychic?

Dorothy Chitty is a psychic, or, as she calls herself, a 'sensitive'. In this unputdownable book she shares her experiences of the spirit worlds. Dorothy gives practical exercises interwoven with powerful inspirational stories to show how we can open up to our own intuitive gifts and tap in to universal wisdom every day.

It was easy reading, interesting, a plethora of information and enjoyable.

Evelyn, New York

Unlike with many psychic 'how to' books, the author is first and fore- most an outstanding psychic who has a full-time client list and teaches her gift to others. Dorothy reveals how she developed her psychic abilities, and shares her personal encounters with guides and spirit.

Practical exercises that really work, on how anyone can tap into their own gifts of intuition, and open up to our spirit guides.

A highly personal and practical book for anybody looking for answers from the spirit world.

What a wonderfully written and informed book. Just wanted to say thank you and hope one day you make it to Australia.

Sherry, Australia

I think your book is really beautiful and the most wonderful thing I have ever read.

Shirly, Community Matron, Birmingham

Since reading your book both our lives have changed dramatically for the better. My wife and I are both developing our psychic abilities and having absolutely wonderful experiences!

Rick, Washington DC

CD - The Spiritual Journey

Dorothy Chitty is an internationally known and respected medium who has been teaching this method of getting in touch with her own spiritual truth for over 15 years.

All of her work is guided directly through her from spirit, they teach with simplicity, purity and truth.

This guided spiritual journey forms the basis and essence of all her workshops.

A spiritual journey teaches you to feel, understand and use your own senses on a higher level of consciousness, to know the difference between your thoughts and spirit speaking.