Communicating with Animals Workshop

During these workshops you will learn how to...

  • Learn how to communicate with all animals.
  • Learn how to communicate with an animal at great distance.
  • Learn the techniques necessary for clear communication with all animals.
  • Even insects respond to this way of speaking.
  • Lean to understand what your pets really want.
  • Gain, not just the love, but the respect of your animals.
  • Find out if your animals are really happy.
  • Understand how they feel about death.

Dorothy Chitty is a internationally renowned natural medium, author and inspirational speaker.

Dorothy has been able to communicate with animals all her life, she has worked with horses, dogs, cats and even animals in zoos. In this workshop you will learn her straightforward ways of having a two way conversation with all of the animal kingdom. This is a most enjoyable day and you will learn so much more from Dorothy’s considerable experience, more than can be explained here.

Dorothy’s teaching is always clear and straightforward, with a little humour thrown in. Her knowledge of all things spiritual is indeed extensive, learned over many years with her spirit guidance.

Workshop Flyer

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