Animal Healing 1 Day Workshop Part 2

During these workshops you will learn how to...

  • Learn to trust your ability to heal.
  • Learn how to understand what is needed by an animal to feel well.
  • Learn the simple techniques needed to heal animals.
  • Understand when healing is completed and when they want you to stop.
  • Learn how to clear your own mind, to enable your spirit guides to do their work efficiently.
  • Understand what type of healing ability you have and how best to use it.

Dorothy Chitty is a internationally renowned natural medium and author with 25 years experience.

Dorothy has healed animals for many years. Although she does not call herself an animal healer. At long last she has decided to share her considerable knowledge to teach others, with of course the great help of her spirit guides, who teach with a simple clarity. You will find your confidence in your abilities to heal grow throughout this workshop.

Workshop Flyer

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