Earth Changes and Earth Healing Workshop

A one day workshop in which you will be taught about the changes and the healing needed to help our world

During these workshops you will learn how to...

  • Learn about the earth energies.
  • Understand what sacred sites are and their purpose.
  • Learn to see the earths grid and understand it.
  • Go through the layers of earth and identify its needs.
  • Learn to hear and listen to nature, it holds a vital key.
  • Understand the crystals that earth allows us to have and their real benefits to the world.

Dorothy Chitty is a internationally renowned natural medium, author and inspirational speaker with over 25 years experience.

On this one day workshop you will learn to communicate with the earth energies, to listen to what they tell you, and in doing so you will be able to help with the reversal of the negative energies that are destroying our world as we know and love it. You will be able to identify special places that hold information for the future of this world. And much more.

Workshop Flyer

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