Meet your Guides Workshop

A 2 day workshop in which you will:

  • Learn who your guides are.
  • Learn who your main guide is.
  • Learn direct communication with them.
  • Understand how many guides you have.
  • Understand which guides are working with you for specific areas in your life.
  • Learn about your past relationship with your main guide.

Dorothy Chitty is a internationally renowned natural medium, author and inspirational speaker.

Dorothy has taught many people throughout her long career with spirit to understand who their guides are and how to connect with them in a completely safe way.

In this workshop, you will make contact with your guides and learn to work with them on a higher level. You will learn to know what it feels like when they are close to you.

Workshop Flyer

For more information about Dorothy's Meet your Guides Workshop, please download the flyer.

Booking Information

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