Advanced Spiritual Workshop Part 2

A 5 day intensive follow on workshop in which you will take what you have already learned in the first part and go into even more detail in many areas

During these workshops you will learn how to...

  • Learn character analysis, both close and distant.
  • Learn distant viewing.
  • Learn to see and interpret the blueprint of a person.
  • Learn how to safely Astral travel.
  • Learn what is required by the earth, and how to heal it.
  • Meet someone beautiful from another world.

Learn all this and much more on this second part of the spiritual journey. Again it is intensive and a great deal is included for your development to a higher level of understanding. If you thought you went high in the first workshop, this is even higher! The greater confidence that will emerge will help you through life forever if you allow it to.

You will be able to use all of this knowledge to help yourself and others in ways far beyond your present thinking at this time. Once started, this understanding and your relationship with your spirit guides just grows and grows.

Workshop Flyer

For more information about Advanced Spiritual Workshop Part 2, please download the flyer.

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