Spiritual Awareness 2 Day Workshop

Discover your spiritual abilities and expand your world through the guidance of spirit.

During these workshops you will learn how to...

  • Find the answers you’ve always been looking for.
  • Imagine being able to talk to and hear your own spirit guide.
  • Imagine having the power to see into the future.
  • Understand the difference between your thoughts and spirit talking to you.
  • Be able to read and help another person accurately.
  • Communicate directly with your guide.
  • Find your confidence with spirit.

Dorothy Chitty is a internationally renowned natural medium who has changed many people’s lives, she is an inspirational speaker and author with 25 years experience of teaching internationally through workshops, personal development, seminars and private consultations.

Dorothy firmly believes that we should all try to communicate better with our own guides as they are always trying to help us make the best decisions in our lives and to find love, happiness and success in whatever we do.

Each workshop starts with a part-guided meditation taking you deep into your Chakras discovering your spiritual gifts and freeing you from old patterns.

The second part of each day consists of practical exercises reinforcing the senses discovered in the morning.

Workshop Flyer

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