Spiritual Journey Workshop

A 5 day intensive course that will take you to a level of working with spirit that is unique to Dorothy’s teachings.

During these workshops you will learn how to...

  • Learn to work safely with spirit.
  • Learn the skills needed for clear communications with spirit.
  • Find out who is guiding you from the world of spirit.
  • Learn how to speak directly with your guidance.
  • Learn how to read for another, with confidence and clarity.
  • Understand the energy fields and how to interpret them.
  • Learn how to communicate with a total stranger who has passed over.
  • Learn how to communicate with someone who is alive but is a great distance from you, using images.
  • Learn how to describe what your eyes do not see.
  • Learn the technique of being able to step into one of your past lives, to understand this life.
  • Learn the safe way to go into half trance, to allow your highest guide to speak directly through you.

Dorothy Chitty is a internationally renowned natural medium, author and inspirational speaker with over 25 years experience.

She will help you become very familiar and comfortable with your own guidance, and to be able to use this in your everyday life. It will enhance and enrich your life, helping you to understand others to a greater degree.

This is an intensive week and the amount of information that Dorothy gives you will be invaluable and she will share a great deal of her knowledge which is considerable, learned directly from her spirit guidance throughout her life. Dorothy has only ever been taught directly by spirit, this is what keeps the clarity and simplicity in all areas of her work. She loves to share her knowledge and this shines through in the workshops. You will find she teaches with a sense of humour too! Your life will be enhanced by the teachings as you develop into the spiritual being you really are, with the confidence that will surely follow.

Workshop Flyer

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