One day inspirational seminar
Find your inner strength and how it can change your life. Learn to apply simple techniques to positively change and improve your life, raise your self-esteem in your; personal life, work life, relationships

Discover who you really are

  • Do you have negative thoughts about yourself?
  • Do you see yourself as less than?
  • Are you judgemental of yourself and others?
  • Are you always trying to please others, sometimes to your own detriment?

You will learn how to;

  • Discover your inner strengths and learn how to use them
  • Be more in control of your life and not let life control you
  • Raise your self esteem
  • Understand the signals you unwittingly give out and why
  • How and why people react to you in certain ways
  • To be heard and understood
  • Attract who and what you want in your life
  • Assert yourself in a gentle but positive way
  • Never allow yourself to be demeaned by others
  • Diffuse difficult situations, in relationships, personal and work life.
  • Simple techniques to positively change all of these. Improve your life by making this day a gift to yourself.