You will be taught everything that Dorothy knows and that has been taught to her by her spirit guides. This will include everything from astral travelling to reading for other people alive or in spirit, healing yourself and others, and lots more.

The course is 12 weeks long. There is a live weekly webinar each week that lasts an hour and a half, where you can interact directly with Dorothy.

The webinars are followed up by weekly personal mentoring calls to each person individually on the course. These are done using Skype.

The total time commitment each week is around two hours plus you will be given practical homework each week.

Over the twelve weeks you will learn:-

  • To understand the difference between you’re thoughts and spirit speaking
  • How to read another person accurately
  • Understand the energy fields and how to use them
  • How to go into your past lives safely.
  • To help you understand this life.
  • Identify your main guide, get to know what they feel like when they are around and know when it is them speaking to you.
  • How to read a character from just a name
  • How to astral travel to other worlds
  • Work with the earths energies and heal the earth
  • Communicate with animals.
  • See inside your body and heal yourself effectively and completely
  • And much more

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